Our services and support are person-centred, culturally competent, faith sensitive, and non-clinical (self-management)

We run a range of projects and activities aimed to support our target community to overcome barriers to emotional health and wellbeing, embed resilience and to raise awareness. We offer varieties of wellbeing oriented workshops, and 1-to-1 tailored support to individuals, along with Mental Health First aid and signposting to statutory mental health services where appropriate. We deliver courses aimed at reducing stigma, introducing selfcare and stress management.

We run Connected Communities and Art-full Wellbeing outputs which have been particularly popular during the pandemic, providing online activities which bring people together virtually and help to address loneliness and isolation.

Breakdown of services

Community wellbeing

These are awareness courses and workshops we do within the community. We also deliver these courses and workshops in the premises of partner organisations, GP surgeries or religious groups

Workplace wellbeing

We deliver wellbeing courses and workshops to employees and line managers. We also offer retainership to organisations to provide ongoing wellbeing support to their employees and volunteers.

Youth wellbeing

We provide wellbeing support and health promotion services to young people in schools and universities.
We offer bespoke wellbeing courses and workshops to international students.

Wellbeing courses

We offer online wellbeing courses and workshops for individuals and groups. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Social prescription

We are recognised providers of social prescription. We offer a host of social and creative activities and workshops that support and enable individuals and communities to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing


We offer consultancy services to businesses and organisations around workplace wellbeing policy, cultural competency, EDI implications on wellbeing, FGM zero tolerance and advocacy, Diversity, representation and leadership, Public Speaking on wellbeing and EDI

Wellbeing Check-in

We offer wellbeing mentorship to individuals and organisations. Regular Check-ins, coaching and support.

How does it work?

A member of our Social Prescribing Team contacts individuals referred by their GP, or who have done self-referral. They then arrange to meet and discuss needs, aspirations and preferences. The next step the team takes is to work out a plan for reaching health goals.

Our services include:

  • One-to-one meetings
  • Flexible appointments
  • Free access to wide range of local services
  • Support and encouragement to help you find the motivation towards making positive changes in your life
  • The opportunity to feel better, develop your self-esteem and confidence

We deliver a range of services, projects and activities aimed at supporting our target community, for example, refugees and asylum seekers in overcoming barriers to mental health and wellbeing.